Photo Editing: Understanding 5 Essential Features

Editing pictures is an incredibly useful skill and hobby that can prove to be quite valuable when you want to brighten up the next images you take.

There are many ranges of photo editing. While some people think that it only means making expert edits with a professional tool, others believe that even putting up a filter is photo editing. Both of these are true, and there is so much you can do with the best free photo editor in your arsenal.

Remember that your app shouldn’t be too difficult, starting with something more easily understandable is much better.

Now let’s look at three simple yet essential features of a good photo editing tool.


The term exposure gets used a lot in the world of photography, and it’s quite useful as well.

Exposure is how dark or light your photo is after your camera captures it. Getting the right level of exposure on your camera can be incredibly challenging for a beginner. It comes down to getting the ideal balance between ISO, shutter speeds, and the aperture.

The good thing is, you can easily adjust the exposure with a great photo editor and not worry about all the things mentioned above. But to understand how to adjust the exposure, you need to understand the following five things:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Highlights
  • Fill Light
  • Shadows

These five features can do wonders for your images once you learn how to use them properly.


Sharpening your images means giving them just the right amount of contrast and clarity to make them appear mind-blowing.

Different tools in the market allow you to do various things with the sharpening tool. You can either enhance the contrast around the edges to really make your images pop, or you can play around with selected edges in your photo that need the most contrast.

You should know that the sharpening feature makes an image look good when you get it right. If you overdo it with this feature of your photo editor, then you may cause pixelation or see unpleasant graininess.

Also, you need to have your image at its original size on your screen. Zooming in or out while you are adjusting the sharpness might not get you the right results on your picture.


If you have never heard of saturation in photography, then you need to understand that it defines the intensity of the colors in your photo.

When you are playing around with this feature on your editor app, you can notice that increasing the saturation can allow higher tones of the color spectrum to be added, making the hues more vivid.

When you lower the saturation levels, then you will be adding the colors on the lower end of the spectrum, making them appear much duller.

With everything else in the photo editing world, there is a thing called oversaturation or too much saturation. You must always aim to maintain a natural element in your images, and avoid making them seem fake. The right amount of saturation can do wonders for your pictures.

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