ATM: An Automated Money Withdraw Machine

Description: Did you know about the ATM? Really you don’t! So, do you really want to know about automated teller machine; here, you get to know everything about the features and benefits of ATM.

Automated Money Withdraw Machine: ATM

ATM! You know what is ATM? I will let you know about the ATM. First-of-all ATM is called Automated Teller Machine. It is a machine that we generally used for withdraw money from our account using a card. Everybody knows about this machine for money withdraws. But it has many more functions and benefits. This machine works as a bank for people that help us to get money near us. We don’t want to go bank branch again and again to get the money. The use of this machine is so easy. You only need a card through bank to access your account through this machine that is call debit/credit card. You don’t need to wait for your bank to open or fill the slips for transactions.

ATM machines are of different kinds with some different features. Some machines are used to withdraw money with all their basic features. Basic features like money withdraw, print mini statement, balance information, change pin etc. Some machines are also used to deposit money as well with the basic features. After every transaction it will give you a printed receipt or you get a message through bank at you registered phone number after doing money transaction. In technical language, ATM is a device that helps to access your account for cash, paying bills, print mini statement, and get to know balance and many more things. It is safe for use.

Benefits and Features of ATM


  • Withdraw cash
  • Deposit cash
  • Check balance
  • Print Mini statement
  • Transfer money
  • Change Pin


  • If your card is stolen, thief cannot use it without PIN
  • Keeps your money is safe
  • It is available worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Saves your time

How to Use an Automated Teller Machine

You will only need an ATM card and a PIN provided by your bank to access you account through the ATM for money transactions. After having these things you can go to the machine and do these steps:-

  • Insert ATM card provided by bank
  • Enter PIN (provided by bank or it can be created by you)
  • Now you are ready for doing your transaction.

It’s so easy to use this machine anytime anywhere worldwide.

You can also find your nearby ATM using ATM app. In fact you can access you account in any branch or bank of ATM. These machines are available 24*7. Instead of using cheque or going to bank you are convenient to use ATM for transferring money or withdraw money from your account.


In the above article we get to know about the automated teller machine (ATM) that helps people doing their money transaction at their convenient. It is very easy to use, safe, saves our time and cost of travelling and most common it is found nearby you.  This machine has many benefits. If you have not tried it give it a try you will definitely loved it.

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