Technologies Used By Army- Military Tech

Description: Are you aware of the technologies used by military that is used for country defense? Want to know about these technologies? Here is the list of some technologies used by them.

Military Tech: Technologies Used In Military

“Tech is everywhere.” As we all know that today everything is based on technology. So how can we miss this one, military, this is one of the important part of our country. They save us at the cost of their lives. We can’t pay them back in any form. But there is one thing that our country do for them is to provide them the best technology that helps them to fight for our country. So, here you get to know about technologies used in military at their best.

We have a great list of technologies that is used by our army. We are listing here some of the technologies to let you know about that. Using this information you get the information that what our military army is using for making our country safe. To know what type of technologies provided by our government to help them fought for our country.

Technologies Used by Army

There are many technologies used from years and in we also get some new technologies in future as well. So, here I am going to tell you about some of these technologies.

T-90S Bhishma- It is Main Battle tank. Its weight is 48 tons. It has a crew of 3 and its use is possible by an autoloader for 125mm gun. The main feature of this tank is it fire missile from its barrel.

Phalcon Awacs- The 3 phalcons are non-valuable assets for air force. They act as major force. It can detect targets that are 500kms far away. It has another feature to track 100 targets concurrently.

Brahmos Missile- It’s a famous weapon of the army. The air launched variant has a reduced weight of 2.5 tons and a missile under the fuselage of the Su-3 The next generation of BrahMos is named as BrahMos NG.

SU-30MKI- This is the one aircraft that defines the Indian Air Force in 21st The IAF placed an order for 272 aircrafts which makes India the largest operator in the world for Su-3o.

PAD/AAD Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) System- The PAD (Prithvi Air Defence) and the AAD (Advanced Air Defence) along with green pine radar from the core of this system.

Aircraft Tracking Radar- It’s a live flight tracker used to track flights and make contact to them by telling them about the situations of whether and other things. It used to warn them early and used as air defence systems.

Sanitary Napkins- It is used as First Aid in army to prevent bleeding using cellulose in bandages.

Walkie-Talkie- It is most common technology used in army to be in contact with each other and to stay connected to the head-quarters. By using this they update about the situation going on at that time and any requirements they needed or any important information to tell about.

There are many more technologies used by military for defence. Such as Duct Tape, Ballistic Missiles, Nuclear Technology, Internet, Jet Engines, Satellite Navigation, Digital Photography, Pinaka MLRS, NAMICA (NAG Missile Carrier), P-8I Neptune, INS Vikramaditya and Kolkata Class Destroyers, Laser Guidance, Satellite Guidance, Norden Bombsight, Helicopters, UAVs, Mine clearing, Mine protected, Mine Laying, Engineering & support, Rockets, Mortas explosives, Infantry Weapons, Utilities and many more.


Above you get to know about many technologies that is used by army for protecting our country. We also came to know that our government give their best in technologies and also they are doing many more things related to that. In future we are going to know about many more new technologies as they are doing their best in research area for tech weapons and ways for defense.

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