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Technology Importance as Daily Needs in Our Lifestyle

Description: Did you really want to know why technology is important? Here we explain importance of technology as daily needs in our life in various fields.

Technology Importance: Daily Needs in Our Lifestyle

Today, Technology is a word that is known by every person from a kid to adult. Nowadays it is as important as our other daily needs of life. It becomes a daily need for everyone’s life. We are surrounded by the technologies. Where we see there is a technology. Every work is done through it only the way of doing is different according to every person.

“As you see that every child is fond of mobile phones. They are addicted to it. They used the phones at least once in a day. They use mobiles for Games, Videos, Camera, etc.”

Even we are also addicted to the mobile phone that helps us transferring information anywhere anytime. Technology is now important in each and every field without it we can do even a single thing such as call, email, notes, presentations, storing data, assignments, messages, music, shopping, study, business, home utilities, electricity, traveling, medical, etc. Technology is grown at its highest that no one lives without it and it continues growing as well. We can say that in future we don’t have to do anything by our-self.

Importance of technology in various fields are given below-

Workplace: Intercommunication within the organization through e-mails, interoffice mails, etc. It improves the recruiting hiring and screening process by advertising digitally using different technologies. Sets up virtual meetings, interact with each other or clients globally. It saves cost, space, time, papers, etc.

Education: It becomes flexible that students can learn anything at anytime from anywhere they want to. Make classes more interactive. Saves time and money, quick and easy access. Student’s records can be saved on computers so that there is less risk of losing data. Teachers and students can share information from any location. Have a multimedia approach for students and many more things.

Business: Communication with the client is quick and clear at anytime anywhere. Arrange Meetings through Skype and other applications that saves our time of traveling and heavy traffic and costing also. We can make a dynamic team in the same business. New research can be done for grabbing new opportunities. All of this became possible only because of technology.

Agriculture: There are mobile applications for farmers like “FamGraze”, “Horse Ration App”. Using these applications they can easily calculate the amount of feed for a horse. Suggests cheap feed for livestock. Manufacturing fertilizers & tools for farmers that cut downtime. Increases productivity.

Banking: In this field, there is e-banking that we use to transfer, receive or send money easily and quickly. It saves our time. Through this, we can move cashless everywhere. We have credit, debit cards for making payment anywhere, anytime we want to. We also have net banking for online payments as well.

Transportation: In today’s world everyone knows that time is money. It becomes a basic need for everyone that every person has to travel on daily basis. Advance transport like cars, trains, metros, airplanes etc. Transport is used for traveling, importing/exporting goods and shipping as well.

Medical: As we all know that in hospitals, clinics, and labs medical types of equipment are used. Such as Blood analysis, vision testing, ECG machines, X-rays, etc are done using technologies. Technology also opened more possibilities in medical care.


Above, we discussed the importance of technology that how it changes our lives and became a daily need. We can see that how the world is changing with the help of technologies. We cannot imagine our life without technology. The world is shaped by different technologies. So, technology is very important for the whole world without it we can’t do anything.

Author: Amarpreet Kaur

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