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Technology (The Today’s World): Pros and Cons of Technology

Pros of Technology

1- Global Innovations

It is a fact that today’s and new technological innovations are very strong. Business that uses the social media they gain the most in their new business. As we all know that the social media may reach more people so they can save their time. The technology is become innovative & creative day-by-day.  Technology is going globally popular so that everyone can save their time and do the thing through technology very fast globally.

2- Access Anywhere Anytime Anything

Having access to information any time it is needed is a major benefit of technology today. Most companies, no matter how large, have systems which allow their employees to access or enter necessary data quickly and efficiently, which saves time and money.

3- Education

Education is yet another area where technology is having a major impact. Students can find almost any academic material or answer to a research question just by using online resources or academic databases. Not only is it easy and simple to use, it is also inexpensive as many sites do not charge for information that used to be accessed only by purchasing a membership or journal. The downside to all this information available on the Internet is that much of it is not accurate.

4- Networking and Communication

Technology has also allowed social media to be used for educational purposes. Many educators use it to make sure students are more engaged and can increase their communicative skills; introverted students may feel more at ease using Twitter or Facebook to take part in discussion or express their ideas than speaking up in a classroom situation.

5- Improves Efficiency For Business

Things like computers, email, and the internet have all greatly impacted society, but perhaps most of all, business. Things can be done almost instantly with the use of technology. The means of manufacturing goods has also been greatly streamlined. This has caused a major reduce in waste, and lower costs for the consumers.

6- More Job Opportunities

Technology has created an immense amount of new jobs in our world’s economy. An entirely new group of people are needed to work with, develop, and maintain all of the new technology in homes and the workplace.

7- Better Communication

Staying in contact is easier now than it has ever been. You can talk using video chat, or collaborate with anybody in the entire world. This has spurred on amazing things and a better understanding of others cultures.

8- Incredible Medical Care

A lot of new technology is constantly being developed for the medical field. Surgical procedures and every day functions have been made so simple and efficient that the level of sickness and accidents have decreased significantly.

9- Saving Money

Technology limits the need for people to be in the same physical location, for example when companies hold a teleconference with several employees located in different branches or when they allow employees to telecommute from home. In some cases, this can save companies money because they do not have to pay travel expenses. When employees use technology for telecommuting, they can work in the comfort of their home instead of traveling to a workplace.

10- Saving Time

Technology can decrease the time it takes to accomplish a task, which can ultimately save money and increase productivity. Communication speed also increases. Instead of sending a message by postal mail, using email or fax can deliver it instantaneously. Technology can also speed up various manufacturing processes, as machines and computers can do work that was once performed by humans more quickly and efficiently.

The Most Important Cons of Technology

1- Unemployment

Using the most up to date machines may ensure faster assembly and production but will also decrease the need for manual labor, which means more people will be unemployed; it also means that smaller businesses will suffer if they can afford new technologies, which again means more businesses will fail and more unemployment will result.

2- Distraction

Despite the obvious education benefits, using technology in education also has its disadvantages. Many educators are worried that students will not learn the social skills that face-to-face communication would teach because they are relying too heavily on social media. If they are not able to express themselves effectively in the real world, this may result in poor performance at social events and job interviews, for example. Perhaps one of the most obvious disadvantages of use of technology in schools is the rise of cyber bullying, which takes place in all educational institutions.

3- Data Collection and Exploitation

It is unusual to meet anyone who does not own a mobile phone, which have become easy to operate and inexpensive enough to be in anyone’s budget. Skype and Google Talk have made expensive long-distance calls a thing of the past; nowadays anyone can make a call or chat with anyone around the world for free or for merely pennies. Not only can people make voice calls, but video calls are also an everyday occurrence. However, owning a mobile phone means that criminals can easily invade our privacy, collecting data and using it for criminal activities.

4- A Social Divide

Technology is expensive, and keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible for someone who isn’t in the upper class. This has caused a major social divide among the population of people who can and cannot afford these technologies.

5- A Generation of Laziness

Through the use of technology, people are slowly but surely forgetting how to do things the old fashioned way. You no longer have to pull out the dictionary or visit the library if you want information, you can simply type in a question and get an answer. This is also true for children, they are becoming more and more focused on things like the internet and video games that they are spending much less time outside and being active.

6- Dependency

On the downside, the use of technology doesn’t always result in greater efficiency. Companies that depend heavily on computer systems to conduct business can come to a virtual standstill if the system breaks down. There is typically a learning curve that accompanies the introduction of a new process, which can lead to a loss in productivity and disgruntled employees. For employees who telecommute and experience computer problems, it may be more difficult to receive timely technical support.

7- Need to Upgrade

Some technologies contain features that need to be upgraded regularly, which can result in an additional expense for the company or for home based people such as students. The student’s may effect’s the most when they need to do the upgrade of an important software so they may check that there may have enough space or not.

For example, companies may need to change computer software frequently just to keep up with industry trends. Entire computer systems may also need upgrading every year or two.

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